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Everywhere in the World is a Project

Everywhere in the World is a Project focuses on public housing developments across the country, starting with Jordan Downs in Watts, CA and moving all the way east to the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, NY. This series speaks to how illegal laws and practices such as racial covenants and redlining were used as forms of social control to oppressed Black and Brown people. In each of these works, viewers are presented with a particular building design and an aerial view of public housing sites.


These outdated designs and buildings are forms of environmental racism. The layers, texture, and color in each piece speak to the seemingly contradictory nature of people who are hopeful, resilient, and determined despite living in some of the most dilapidated, disinvestment, and neglected communities across the country. 

This work is even more personal to me, as when my mother first migrated to America from Belize, she lived in Jordan Downs, in the Building 37 which is depicted in this work.  

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